Friday, June 12, 2009

rise oh quiet warriors

The best decision we have ever made as a nation was a hundred years ago. Not withstanding how all our ancestors turned up to vote and agree on electing the Wangchuk dynasty as our hereditary monarchs is truly beyond my comprehension. I guess it only goes to remind us of the substance, Gonsar Ugen wangchuk was made up off. After a hundred years of peace, progress and development we find ourselves facing the same problems our ancestors wisely got rid of….to make a decision!

Not to say we are shy of making a decision, we all can and do, especially when we just join the service. With our grandiose dreams on how we will contribute and ‘be the change’. That is till we meet our seniors. Who will gravely advices you to do nothing (it is truly an art form). “No, no don’t rock the boat. Ah you young Turks, do you really think you are the first one to get this idea? It’s been tried and it failed. If you are hard working, first get all the trainings and master degree that you can get, and then quit. Its cheaper and easier to get slots and at the end it looks good in your C.V, doesn’t matter you were studying for four years out of your six years service to your government. Government service is not a hundred meters race but a marathon, come every day, sign the register and keep your head down. Nobody can do anything, at the most they will surrender you to RCSE and they will only send you another Department. This is Job security. This is how you feed your family”.

It does not matter that the wise elders who delivered unto us the Constitution, only recognizes three organs of government (executive, legislative and judicial), the Constitution which has earned the right to sit along side the Kanjur and Tenjur, has already begun to collect dust. Just like the holy books. We only want to go through the motions, when we pray , we are not Mahahayana we are hinayana.

So here we are, the common man, lambasted with all valid reasons as to how glorious the outcome will be for the citizens of Palden Drukpa if only the ACC is independent. How an independent Royal Audit Authority would be able to better serve us with better fiscal plans.

Why due to politics the Police needs to be independent only to safeguard our freedom. Or the necessity of RCSE being independent so that they can carry on serving us better without being answerable to anybody. Why sports are do not progress because of the lack of funds, or better still it is due to our physical attributes we don’t have a national basketball team. So they circle round and round, each wanting their own modern fiefdom, all want independence and freedom, all want to be selected not elected. Judges proclaim themselves equal to sectaries, police chiefs to goonglens, mp to dashos, teacher to lecturer, nurses to doctors and the unemployed, well hopefully to, employed. Whilst the students must be hopeful that they too will get something out of this brouhaha.

Here We are embarrassed to be nationalistic, somewhere we have been taught, let others do the dying it is better to do the taking. Forget we think only me. So here we are, with our new ideas in serving our king, country and people. Gone is the generation who built the thimphu- phuentsholing highway in five years, gone are the warriors who helped create, build and nurture departments, agencies and ministries. Gone are the public sectors whose battle cry was to help build businesses. Dead are soldiers respected?

Gone is the generation, ‘WE’. Welcome generation ‘ME’. Now, it is all about what I need or what you will give me, call me Dasho, otherwise come tomorrow. Not , how to build but why to build. Not about why to give but who to give.

So what else is new? Don’t we all know this? We all live it. We even support its different forms

Though we did not want democracy, our Kings believe we are ready to uphold its sacred responsibility. We are again at the crossroads of history, the time is upon us to decide, to do or not to do, to build or to destroy? Thus the time is now when we as a nation rise together and declare for all the world and future generations to hear. We, wherever we are, no matter what we do, or where we work and study shall rise and declare enough is enough!. We will not stand by idly, as the dreams of our Kings and ancestors are raped and pillaged by selfish interests. We will not allow the formations of modern day fiefdoms which will only tear and destroy our national fabric. We refuse to go down the road of Tibet or Sikkim.

Thanks to our ancestors and the wise leadership of our kings, Ours has been a history of glory, always independent, we walk with our head held high. We always do what needs to be done in our own unique way, when we want and when we deem it fit. We are the children of a nation that has given a new philosophy of Gross National Happiness to the world.

In us runs the warrior blood of our ancestors, in us does our history live, we are the children of Palden Drukpa. Long live the tsa wa sum.

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